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An interview with Samantha Ball of Student Mum Diaries

by Belle & Bee |

Samantha Ball, Founder of Student Mum DiariesSamantha Ball is a young mum.

She’s also a student at Sheffield University, studying journalism.

And on top of that, she’s a blogger.

In fact, she runs, a place where she writes about what it’s like to be a young mum with a whole heap of ambition and how she overcomes the challenges she faces.

As we have a lot of young mums visit our little workshop here on the east coast of Lincolnshire, we thought it would be interesting to catch up with Samantha and find out a bit more about her, and what kind of jewellery she likes.

We drop in to the conversation finding out where Samantha is originally from:

SAM: I was born in Rotherham, but now I live in Sheffield with my partner Dylan, our son Leo, our cat Drogo and dog Kobi.

BELLE & BEE: Wow. That’s quite the clan!

SAM: Ha. Yeah. We just got Kobi so the family is adjusting to being five instead of four. It’s pretty crazy as I'm actually still in my final year at University.

BELLE & BEE: You’re studying journalism, right?

SAM: I am. And I also work at Sheffield Arena as a Hospitality Supervisor.

BELLE & BEE: That sounds like a lot of stuff on your plate already.

SAM: Yeah, it does seem that way sometimes!

BELLE & BEE: So what made you start

SAM: Well, when I found out I was pregnant with Leo, I was just heading into my second year of university and was advised to take the year out and maybe start a blog or write freelance to keep in touch with my journalism studies.

BELLE & BEE: That’s interesting. Is that what you did?

SAM: Ha. It wasn’t. Sure, it was good advice, but I decided to stay and not take any time off.

But I like the sound of writing anyway and decided to make a blog about what it's like being a student mum.

It took off more than I thought it would do.

BELLE & BEE: That’s not surprising. There’s a lot of young mum’s who will relate to your experience. What drives you to push yourself like that?

SAM: I am quite a motivated person. I like pushing the boundaries a little bit so if someone says there’s no way I can do something, I like to give it a go and prove that I can.

BELLE & BEE: It’s a great attitude to have.

You show them!

SAM: Exactly.

I'm actually scared of heights but I didn’t let that stop me skydiving in 2014 to raise money for charity.

That’s just how I work.

I guess my family are my biggest motivators too. My parents have always been 100% supportive and encourage me and now my partner and son do as well.

BELLE & BEE: It’s great to have that family support. We’re a family business too, so know how important it is.

SAM: Totally. I think it’s essential.

BELLE & BEE: OK. Let’s change the subject a little and talk fashion and our favourite subject…jewellery.

SAM: It’s one of my favourite subjects too!

BELLE & BEE: How would you describe your fashion style?

SAM: Hmm. Not sure if a 'mum look' is a fashion style. Probably quite simple, but it has to be comfy too.

BELLE & BEE: That sounds like a good look to me. Do you have a few favourite go to items of clothing?

SAM: Not that I go to the gym much these days, but definitely my gym clothes. They’re super-comfy and at least make me look like I’ve been productive.

BELLE & BEE: What kind of jewellery do you like to wear?

SAM: I don't like to go too over the top. I usually go for the basics.

I have two rings I always wear, one from my parents and one from Dylan, and a silver bracelet Dylan got me for our first Christmas. I also have a rose gold Kors watch he got for my 21st, which I love.

I have a silver necklace I got for my 21st too. That’s with an engraved star and moon pendant.

(You can take a look at our own full range of rings by clicking here.)

BELLE & BEE: Sounds good. What’s your most treasured piece of jewellery?

SAM: That’s got to be my engraved necklace of my son’s hand and footprint.

BELLE & BEE: That sounds lovely. So, you’ve already got your hands full as we’ve seen, but what are your plans for the next few years?

SAM: Finish my degree, then potentially do a teaching degree as well, and maybe go traveling a bit with Dylan and Leo.

BELLE & BEE: Sounds like a plan. And after so much studying you’ll certainly deserve a break.

In the meantime, how can people find out more about you?

SAM: My website has quite a lot about me and my family on there, as well as my Twitter.

I have an Instagram linked with my 'blog' that's public and I share lot on there, I have a private one that's just for family and friends too but I rarely use that anymore. I've just started a Facebook page but I've not really taken it anywhere yet.

BELLE & BEE: Well, our followers can get in early so that’s good. Thanks so much for your time Sam and good luck with

SAM: Thank you too. And thanks to your followers for reading.

BELLE & BEE: If you'd like to find out more about Sam, you can visit her website at